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Session Guitarist


My online service provides high-quality guitar tracks for every kind of music projects. In plus i can deliver tracks with Mandolin, Ukulele, Banjo, Bouzoki, Balalaika, Oud, Cavaquino, miniharp and others stringed instruments for great evocative sounds and special textures.   


I'm a session guitarist working in different music areas: TV shows ("STAR ACADEMY" RAI2, "I MIGLIORI ANNI" RAI1) , Musical and rock operas tours ("MAMMA MIA!", "JERSEY BOYS", "SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER", "CAPTAIN KID", EXCALIBUR"), pop tours (Monodia, Alan Simon, Fausto Leali & Marcella Bella), studio recordings (i've recorded guitars for over 30 albums. Roby Facchinetti & Riccardo Fogli, Alan Simon, Alan Stivell, James Wood, Gianni Ansaldi are some artists i worked for). 

I've recorded lots of guitar tracks for a UK Company who sell high quality backing tracks all over the world and i learned a lot from their request of "carbon copy" tracks of guitarist like The Edge, Nile Rodgers, Steve Cropper, Johnny Buckland and many others.  

I'm constantly working for a company who produce background music for television recording dozens of  songs from swing-manouche to hard-rock, peruvian music, country, bossa novas, hawaiian songs and many more.  

Thanks to these important experiences i could expand my knowledge of styles, guitar sounds and versatility: it's a pleasure share my know-how with creators.

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I record guitars from my studio located in Genoa (north of Italy) equipped with RME audio converter, API, NEVE and SPL preamps, DBX, DRAWMER and SYMETRIX compressors, different mics (SM57, Ribbon SP, Rode Nt5, Senheiser 606, SE T2, AT 2020 ecc...) , a large variety of guitars (electrics, acoustic, 12 strings, classical, baritone, lap-steel, dobro, 7 strings) amps (Marshall, Vox, Fender, Mesa Boogie, Epiphone, Roland), cabinet (open and closed back, vintage and modern speakers) and pedal effects. 

We can easily collaborate: I can read your written arrangement, work with chord charts or, in a creative way, create original guitar parts based on your needs. 


My service include all projects: from the Ep of a young songwriter to TV and Radio jingles, Film composers and  wolrdwide distributed artists.

If you're a songwriter, composer, producer,  arranger or simply a creator feel free to contact me to discuss on your project.

Links to your music (personal website, YouTube channel, Soundcloud ecc..) are welcome.

I'll reply you within 24 hours with all the details about the process.

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