I started playing guitar at 13 fascinated by different styles and techniques. 

During my "twenties" i had the opportunity to study with great masters of the guitar like Robben Ford, Carl Verheyen, Andy Timmons, Scott Henderson, Dave Hill, Jennifer Batten, Dave Holmes, Beppe Gambetta, Marcos Pereira, Alessio Menconi and Gigi Cifarelli. At the same time, targeting to expand my skills, i was taking every kind of gig from ballroom orchestras to party bands, from rock-blues and hard rock groups to acoustic duos accompanying pop and jazz singers.

I've used all these experiences to create my teaching method focused on which are, for me, the essential topics for a guitar player.


-Scales and arpeggios

-Picking technics (alternate, sweep and hybrid picking)

-Chords, voicings and inversions.

-Comping in different styles

-Improvising in different styles

-Music reading

-Ear training

-Acoustic fingerstyle techinque

-Legato and tapping

-Sounds & Effects 

Each student can choose a specific area to improve it.

Every lesson is personalized.


If yo want more details about Online Lessons please fill the module to get in touch.


Every summer in the west coast of Liguria (North of Italy) i organize a music summer camp called ROCK CAMPUS.

Four days surrounded by the nature with musicians of all ages together to learn and play the best of  rock music.

Lesson focused on the orchestra playing: interplay, sight reading, dinamics.

A lot fun of playing songs of Beatles, Doors, Deep Purple, AC/DC and others rock gods!!!


In 2013 i started a collaboration with the magazine "Guitar Club" like columnist talking about the pop guitar, especially how to improve fingerstyle, acoustic strumming, timing exercises, tips for the studio work and many others topics.

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